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Brand new Unicheck report

Unicheck Launches Its Brand New Similarity Report

We at Unicheck strive to serve our users the best we possibly can. To help further that goal, we just rolled out a brand-new Similarity Report to enhance your productivity, remove educational barriers, and help students be more successful.


In addition to a bunch of new and handy navigation enhancements, Unicheck’s Similarity Report has received a full-on facelift, improved accessibility options, and a new level of security:


Accessibility compliance

Unicheck’s full functionality is now available to all students, including those with learning disabilities (WCAG 2.0 compliant).

Improved privacy

To provide prejudice-free learning opportunities to all students, Unicheck similarity reports have become fully anonymous.


  • Minimap
    A color-coded miniature map helps you to analyze and navigate the document more quickly. Every line is clickable and corresponds to a page in the document. Hover over any page (i.e. line) to explore it in-depth.
  • View panel
    With the “Matches,” “Quotes,” and “Exclusions” tabs, you can easily find a source or quote, exclude a group of sources, view them, etc. All sources that have been found are displayed in the Matches tab. Similar sources are grouped together. You can view the details of each source and exclude one or an entire group of sources. The Quotes tab is for all found quotes. Click on the quote to see it in the report and, if necessary, exclude individual quotes. All excluded sources go to the Exclusions tab. Whenever you’re excluding a source, you can always find it here for review or to include it back.
  • Side-by-side comparison
    A new and convenient option for investigating original work alongside any detected similarity source in a single window.
  • Settings
    After the report has been generated, configure exclusion options, download the report, zoom in or out, switch to plain text, view the tutorial, or reach out for help.
  • Paper details
    View information such as student name, ID, or email address. Access full text of a matched paper, view submission date, check the date, or the assignment name—all the details about the matched paper.
  • Safe links
    To protect students and staff from online risks, all unsafe and explicit links are blocked and marked with corresponding labels.Each source in the report is checked against numerous databases for safety. We use Google’s Safe Browsing database, which is automatically updated every 30 minutes, to ensure safe browsing. Thus, each similarity report is absolutely free of malware and phishing.If a match is found on a web page that contains adult or malicious content, Unicheck gives an appropriate warning notification:For malicious websites — an “Unsafe Link” badge + warning;For adult content websites — an “Explicit Content” badge + additional alert.

Warnings on similarity links


Downloadable PDF Report:

To ensure you are always able to use the Similarity Report no matter where you are, we’ve made a PDF report that’s as interactive and up-to-date as its online version.

1. Once downloaded, the PDF report always shows the current state of the online report.

2. Full information about the file and submission — author, check and report dates, file size, etc.

PDF report


3. Original formatting of the document stays intact – with all fonts, pictures, tables, and lists.

PDF report 2


4. Paragraphs for Matches, Quotes, and Exclusions are clickable and lead to the corresponding lists.

PDF report 3


5. Areas of potentially unoriginal text, citations, references, and character replacement are highlighted with different colors.

PDF report 4


If you have any questions, contact us at:

Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

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