Unicheck Plagiarism Checker and Google Classroom: Definitely, a Success

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How do you define success?

For Google Classroom, the answer won’t just fit in the bunch of sentences and numbers. A tremendous success and a landslide of millions of students and teachers have come to Google Classroom since 2015. And the number is likely to grow.

That’s nothing surprising really, seeing that an educator needs a reliable platform to run the daily workflow routines in the background, and preferably automatically, and with G Suite for Education that’s more than possible.

Since autumn 2017, one more process got so much easier for teachers: checking assignments for plagiarism. Unicheck is a single one plagiarism detection software available in Google Classroom that opens excellent revision opportunities for both students and teachers with automatization and quick report sharing.

Automated, intuitive, and improved – here’s a recap of what new Unicheck has up its long sleeve, and what has remained unchanged – for the benefit of the educational community.

Who loves updates?

Unicheck development team certainly does, so here is the new and long-awaited update, fresh out of the oven: a new cron script that makes the integration stable and running optimally.

Translating from tech-talk, the script will trigger all the modules to perform actions in time, so they will work on a scheduled basis and all the refreshments within them will be performed automatically.

For teachers and admins it means that Unicheck integration will be performing better, and the whole system will become more stable.

But How Does the Checking Work?

In a nutshell, Unicheck focuses on the role of a teacher, supports it with advanced technology to help educators cut time on daily routine grinds and enjoy extra-time communicating with students.

After integration with Google Classroom is installed, Unicheck runs in the background. All submitted assignments will be checked automatically, similarity reports generated almost immediately, just after students attach assignments to the course in Google Classroom.

All generated reports will land in teacher’s email and will show the percentage of matches detected in each submission, together with the possibility to view full reports. Teachers can configure the report delivery process, adjusting it to their own timetable: all at once on the due date of the assignment or one by one, as students make their submissions.

Unicheck is easy to install, and the process can be performed either by a teacher or an admin. Unicheck also provides a free option for many countries of the world, with the same high quality and speed of checks.Unicheck similarity report in your gmail

Just at a glance, teachers can see the result of check, view full report and share the it with students via email or link.

How Helpful Is This in Class?

Unicheck gives teachers and students an opportunity to ease the revision process, but it is also a great tool to learn more, and to improve.

The similarity report will use color highlights to show not only matches in the text, but will also highlight citations and references. Those will be marked blue and violet, accordingly, while similarities will be yellow. Unicheck can recognize most common academic formatting styles, like APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, and Harvard.


All similarities will have a comprehensive list of sources where each match was found, so that the teacher may investigate where the potential plagiarism came from.


So Does Unicheck Solve the Problem?

Assignment revision is an essential procedure for all educational institutions, should they prefer to teach in actual classrooms, remotely, or go with flipped classrooms. In any type of classroom, absence of plagiarised materials in the paper is the first quality marker.

Recycled or plagiarized assignments can’t be further graded. Moreover, detecting similarities in texts and knowing the origins of the material usually serves to prevent plagiarism in classes.

Unicheck team absolutely shares one central idea with Google Classroom: educational tools should be affordable, accessible and helpful. They should bring educators and learners together.

Giving teachers and students the ability to do things their own way, offering hi-end technologies, striving for greater accessibility, flexibility, and automatization is what Unicheck’s integration #withClassroom is all about.