Unicheck Becomes a Plagiarism Software of Choice for Utah’s Schools

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Unicheck was selected an all-UEN qualified provider of software to detect originality in student papers for the next 5 years in the state of Utah. As a winner of Utah Educational Network tender, Unicheck is now fully available to all state institutions.

We are super excited to work with UEN and Utah institutions. Success of this tender is mainly the result of our product core: community-driven features implementation, easy to integrate and use, with regularly updated functionality and the best customer support in the industry. I believe, all Utah educational institutions will start using Unicheck very soon”, Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck, commented.

Unicheck integrates seamlessly with Canvas LMS using their Plagiarism Framework, provides them with all native Canvas features, and allows working with assignments in numerous learning ecosystems. Unicheck similarity report shows matches with 40B+ of unique online sources along with educational institution’s internal sources. It can detect citations and references in a variety of academic styles, as well as cheating attempts like character, font, encoding replacement, and more. What’s important, Unicheck doesn’t use university’s paper database for other institutions’ similarity checks without permission, and protects privacy according to all international standards and fair-use principle of copyright law.

Fully in-house development ensures latest technology implementation, timely product updates, and 99.9% system uptime, which makes it the most accurate and up-to-date plagiarism detection software on the market.

Utah Education Network connects more than 20k students in eight higher education institutions and eight technical colleges and more than 640k students at 1098 K-12 schools. UEN has granted Unicheck the UETN consortium license for five years. Unicheck is a plagiarism checker used worldwide by more than 500 educational institutions. The checker supports all alphabet-based languages and can be integrated with most popular LMSs, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Moodle, etc.

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