Unicheck is Now on G Suite – Enterprise-level Solution for Professional Plagiarism Detection

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We are happy to share some exciting news with you: Unicheck officially joins G Suite Apps Marketplace. Being the only tool integrated with Google Classroom and available in Google Docs Add-ons store, Unicheck extends its presence in Google Services.

By incorporating into the trusted set of productivity tools, we help businesses and institutions control the quality of materials released by delivering unified plagiarism detection experience.

Where You Can Get Unicheck for Your G Suite

G Suite apps Marketplace is where you can get Unicheck Add-on for free and pay only for the pages you and your team need to check for plagiarism.

G Suite Marketplace is a platform that unites business-friendly apps bringing teams together to coordinate and speed up everyday tasks. Used by both individual users and businesses, Google’s extensive apps set gives a scaled control over the working processes.

Just a short time ago we’ve announced the new improved version of Unicheck Add-on. And now the same advanced features packed into Unicheck G Suite Add-on are available for multi-user access.

How You Can Benefit From Using Unicheck

Unicheck G Suite Add-on offers highly technological and at the same time simple plagiarism detection functionality applicable to large companies and small businesses.

Whether you verify texts occasionally or on a recurring basis, Unicheck is a lightweight tool targeted at all areas where text revision for plagiarism is employed – publishing, SEO and content marketing, blogging, journalism, law, and more.

Once your system administrator downloads and makes Unicheck Add-on available in G Suite, your team may use it to identify plagiarism in submitted works, edit, proofread and deliver reputable material.

Being an extremely versatile tool, Unicheck has proven to be a reliable checker in more than 500+ SEO and marketing agencies, publishing houses as well as K-12 and Higher Ed institutions internationally.

Apart from G Suite, our clients have various options of embedding Unicheck into their environment:

  • Through secure API installation to any working ecosystem;
  • Via intuitive Add-on for Google Docs;
  • As LTI, native or plugin integration with the majority of popular LMS software;
  • Using custom integration for adding personalized anti-plagiarism features.

Business-Friendly Open API

We are about to release an easily integrated API you can embed without verification. Once live, it will be available in your Account Settings.

If your company deals with high volumes of editing daily, direct API integration is a secure and far-reaching approach to apply across your database or website.

Upon the quick setup, you’ll be able to run accurate checks, review reports, and track down thorough statistics – all in your business ecosystem.

Handling Accurate Bulk Plagiarism Checks

For businesses that work with high volumes of texts, Unicheck performs as a powerful automation and quality assurance tool. Both online and downloadable reports generated by Unicheck are extremely easy to browse, as they point out matches with the links to Internet sources for you to instantly identify text originality. It also displays improperly formatted citations and references – to properly manage them.

What’s more, you can work with any file format, upload files to a cloud storage, and review content in 60 different languages.

Developed upon 200+ rules for accurate plagiarism detection, Unicheck guarantees the utmost accuracy and transparency of results.