Unicheck Launched New Plugin for Moodle: What’s In?

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The creators of Unicheck plagiarism detection software have announced their new plugin arrival that surpasses the previous version in terms of customization and functionality.

In this case, the new plugin will feature the commenting mode for the better collaboration between student and teacher, tooltips for the better system understanding, deeper scanning and individual tuning to the class workflow.

The old plugin featured under the former company’s name Unplag will still be available for the users who haven’t yet shifted to the new Unicheck plugin. The new plugin will be furtherly updated and enriched with new features that will help to keep it constantly improved.

Right now the new version is complete and ready to be downloaded and installed from the Moodle plugin directory.

A quick overview

Unicheck plugin will be reachable from the Moodle’s system after installation in the assignments settings. In the LMS it will be possible to find the plugin and configure it accordingly to the own needs and tastes.

  Unicheck plagiarism plugin settings

That is where the extended customization features take place. The educator can adjust the sensitivity to the similarities found, selecting the critical number of word matches or percentage that the checker should be catching while scanning.

In the same place, the educator chooses whether to show the plagiarism reports to the students or not. The report itself will remain the same except the fact that now the teacher will also be able to leave the comments right in the reports, dropping them in the comment box. 

Unicheck Moodle plugin functions

All of the freshly generated reports will be displayed in the students’ submissions list.

The right column of the list called “file submissions” will include the assignment reports and links to them that are opened in new windows. The educator can view them online or download in the pdf format.

Unicheck plugin for Moodle

Additional benefits

In addition to the workflow advantages the new plugin includes the following improvements:

  • Support for the majority of formats, including .rar archives
  • Scanning depth encompassing not only web sources but libraries and private databases adjusted by the teachers.
  • Asynchronous file downloading enabling scanning in the background while the other work is performed

To sum up

The core of the mission of Unicheck has always been supporting the educators and students with all kinds of productivity-boosting educational software that produces quick and effective collaborative work in assignment review.

The new changes inspired by the customers’ feedback is what helped Unicheck to create a robust version of Moodle plugin that will evolve, improve and stay effective in the long run.