Unicheck Partners with D2L: Equipping Brightspace with Plagiarism Checker that Works

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Each educational environment is different. Be it due to a type of institution, variety of faculties, number of students enrolled, or a long list of additional criteria, it all makes up a unique system.

Educators working in Brightspace and managing their activities on a daily basis are creating a unique system, too. They require clear and intuitive layout, easy onboarding and high operational speed of all the tools they use. In a sensitive field of assessments’ evaluation, these requirements gain double priority, as taking a final decision should be based on accurate and meaningful results, especially when we are talking about preventing potential plagiarism in student papers.

Below is the account of how a similarities detection software fits effectively into a highly dynamic learning environment and how D2L, Brightspace and educational community have gained a trusted partner in Unicheck

Unicheck Partners with D2L

United by mutual trust and passion for education, Unicheck is delighted to announce its partnership with D2L, the award-winning learning solutions provider that reshapes the way people learn.

This partnership enables D2L clients access Unicheck, the essential software for education that integrates smoothly into Brightspace to provide educators and students with accurate checks for similarities.

In Brightspace, Unicheck automates the search of potential plagiarism within students’ assignments and provides instructors with the tools to assess and improve students’ writing.

Brightspace Gains Reliable Plagiarism Checker

There is already a long story behind Unicheck and D2L cooperation.

Connecting to Brightspace as LTI Integration, Unicheck provides meaningful and personalized learning experience.

Both educators and students receive clear assignment evaluation and that’s where the effective interaction takes the lead. Students get heavily engaged into grading process due to the option of running pre-checks of their assignments before passing them on to a final submission.

When enabled, students will be able to upload papers for precheck and view originality report. Pre-checks (both student files and similarity reports) will not be visible to the teacher.

Apart from real-time search across 4,75+ billions of pages over the Internet, Unicheck can use Institutional Library as local source. The checker will also allow to Auto Exclude Citations & References in APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, Chicago academic styles and will highlight them in the text.

Dealing with sensitive data, security of documents is highly prioritized and protected with high-end algorithms and encryption protocols. It has also recently announced the Unicheck GDPR Commitment.

Community Receives the Right Tool to Drive Success

Gaining D2L as Unicheck’s new partner is another giant leap towards making global education processes efficient, transparent and interactive.

Adding Unicheck to the growing network of partners allows D2L to offer a powerful and professional similarities detection tool that both educators and students will enjoy using.

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