Autumn Collaboration Splendor: Unicheck Allies 4 More Universities in Spain

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This fall Unicheck has entered 4 new collaborations with Spanish universities. Connecting the new universities to the system means that teachers will be reviewing the assignments faster and deeper while more than 133.000 students will be able to check their writing for plagiarism issues staying confident about the quality of their writing.    

Unicheck already protects scholarly publications from plagiarism in 6 Spanish universities that joined in last year. This time last year, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid adopted the Moodle integration that helped them to reach all features of Unicheck straight from the system, streamlining and accelerating the work.

Universities in Spain

As Unicheck has lived up its reputation in Spain, the new promising collaborations came in as no surprise. The new collaborations will help to raise the awareness of plagiarism ethics, and enhance research integrity with a help of effective plagiarism detection software in the following universities:

  • Universidad de Málaga 
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid 
  • Universidad Católica de Murcia
  • Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

This is a perfect addition to the pool of our European collaborations that we are specifically proud of. Spanish is one of those languages that boasts the most robust publications in the world. I believe that our new ties with Spanish educational entities will be mutually productive and that Unicheck will support these universities on their way to the writing excellence”, – says Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck.

This is a mutual and highly beneficial partnership that will help universities in Spain receive the most updated and academically enhanced educational software solution while Unicheck will grow the capacities enriching the database with Spanish journal articles, books, and academic research publications.