First Quarter of 2020: Major Improvements and Groundbreaking News

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Despite all the challenges that 2020 has already brought, or better to say due to those difficulties, Unicheck has united the team on the front line for our users. We continue to actively develop newly requested functionality that will help you get the most out of plagiarism prevention in the new, fully online teaching routine.

This article sums up the major Unicheck’s enhancements achieved in the areas of product development, events, and partnerships in the first quarter of 2020. Also, get to the end of the piece to read about some exciting plans for the nearest future!



Supporting Academic Institutions During the COVID-19 Crisis

To foster academic integrity even more during the times of the coronavirus pandemic, our team is equipping all institutions that don’t have active Unicheck licenses with a free trial of Unicheck for the remaining academic term.

New Unicheck Data Centers Launched in Australia and Canada

To comply with all regional and institutional regulations on personal data processing, we’re continuing to expand domestic data centers for all Unicheck clients. This time, two units have been added, Australian and Canadian, to securely store and process all education records locally, complying with the countries’ regulations.



Unicheck Webinar on May 21st


The transition to remote learning has drastically increased Unicheck’s usage. While helping everyone to get the most of Unicheck, our team recognized many features that people tend to overlook. This webinar is dedicated to showing you the biggest life-changers and time-savers inside of your trusty little originality assistant.

Join us on May 21, 10:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM MST / 1:00 PM EST.

Even if the timing isn’t exactly right, go ahead and register since we’ll be sending out the recording of the webinar.


Product Updates

Brand New Standalone Dashboard

We’ve fully updated a Unicheck standalone dashboard with new opportunities and improved usability–all for the most comfortable and hassle-free experience straight in your browser.

new standalone dashboard

Your Assistant for Uncovering Text Modifications

Modifind, Unicheck’s Text Modifications Assistant, detects instances of character replacement and other types of manipulation with text. On the “Attention” tab of your Unicheck report, you can examine a list of all cases. API users will even see a displayed notification next to a similarity score to help them detect potentially problematic student works first.

text modifications assistant

“Ignore / Copy Text” Quick Buttons

A new, long-awaited update for educators who demand ultimate precision from a plagiarism detection tool without added manual work:

Now, after selecting text in the Unicheck report, you’ll immediately get two pop-up choices – ”Ignore” and “Copy”.


It allows excluding pieces of text that aren’t a part of the student submission itself, like questions in a quiz, in a single click. Exclusion of the ignored text from the total word count will get you the most precise originality data.

Ignore text featureCopy:

Gives an instructor the super quick option of copying chunks of text that can be manually double-checked through a search engine or any other database.

Copy text feature



Encouraging Original Contributions with Harmonize

We are excited to partner with 42 Lines, the innovator of Harmonize, a robust online collaboration platform that elevates your discussion board. Harmonize is easily integrated into all popular LMSs with Unicheck onboard, which makes a perfect duo: Harmonize engages students into a meaningful learning discussion, and Unicheck encourages its authenticity along the way. Find out the details of the partnership here.

Harmonize discussion boards

Strategic Partnership: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

We’re ready to inform you that from August 2019, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education has officially become Unicheck’s strategic partner. After extensive piloting of our solution and having an on-demand feature (side-by-side comparison) built for them, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education has added Unicheck as the first service provider integrated into their LMS.

Feature built for Monterrey university

Unicheck Supports the Province of Ontario on Their Education Sector

Unicheck has been selected as a long-term partner of the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace to support Canada’s initiatives in the sphere of education. This non-profit marketplace is designed to enhance the quality of the learning process by shortlisting the best educational service providers for their schools, colleges, and universities.

According to OECM, Unicheck has become the best alternative for plagiarism detection software for academic institutions of the Ontario province.


Products in Beta: Try Them Out!

Smart Authorship Verification is a Reality. Join the Emma Beta Test!

We developed Emma to address the ever-growing concern of contract cheating so that instructors can make informed choices, save their institution’s reputation, and guide students into an authentic mindset. Fill out this form to start testing Emma!

More Tools to Step-Up Your Teaching Game

Along with Emma, our team has been working on multiple products that are aimed at detecting a full range of plagiarism methods, as well as making Unicheck a solid learning assistant when it comes to working with any submission. We are excited to welcome you to join a beta test and share your opinion on the following tools:

  • NLP analytics – investigation and advice on the narration quality of text
  • Code Checker – plagiarism detection in Python coding submissions
  • CitRef – your citation style assistant

To join the beta test of any of these products, contact our Product Team ( and get your access.


Plans for the Future

Due to COVID-19, our plans have changed quite a bit, but we’re still getting ready for multiple conferences, which, in turn, have moved online. Also, some really nice webinars with our partners on the most burning topics are coming soon!

So, stay tuned for more details on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

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