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Unicheck Just Interviewed an Extremely Creative Writer and Pug Lover MarcyKate Connolly

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Fantasy novels have always astonished kids while adults have been stuck in the novels about love and relationships. Both topics are major ones in MarcyKate’s novels. Marcy’s unique writing and fascinating storytelling caught our eye, so the Unicheck team decided to have an interview with her at all costs.

She is an easy-going and friendly personality who lives with a husband and cute pugs in New England, yet her ambitions break all the records. She is very fond of developing her creativity, so she has been working in many nonprofit literacy organizations and marketing is her second passion. MarcyKate is a finalist of New England Book Awards as well as Spring Junior Library Guild Selection.

Read on to find out what are MarcyKate’s writing secrets, source of inspiration and many more. Besides, you may also find a detailed information about MarcyKate Connolly and her wondrous books by visiting her blog.

What would be your profession, if you hadn’t discovered love for writing?

I actually have two jobs: author and marketing director. I work part-time for a nonprofit literacy organization and before that arts organizations such as symphonies, theatres, and opera companies. So, if I wasn’t an author, I’d be doing that – marketing for nonprofits full-time instead of part-time.

What is more important: being original or giving the readers what they expect from you?

Well, that depends on what the readers expect, I suppose 🙂 Generally speaking, I think it’s important for stories to have original spins and characters, but it’s also important to leave the reader satisfied. So, perhaps it’s most important to give the reader the satisfying ending they want, but to go about getting there in an original way. The story is all about the journey, after all!

Where do you get inspiration for writing from?

Usually when I least expect it. I get my best inspiration when my mind has a chance to wander—when I’m in the shower at 2am, stuck in traffic, or doing some other creative pursuit like making music or watching a play.

How many books should the author write to become happy?

This is an excellent question, but I’m afraid I don’t have an answer! I’ve written over a dozen and I’m still working on this. I suspect the mileage may vary by author 🙂

A short story with tips for young girls in 5 words.

Breathe, believe, create for yourself.

Tell us something unusual about your last book (Ravenous), something that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere before.

Ravenous is a twist on Hansel and Gretel, but a big part of the reason I chose that fairy tale was the fact that I never liked the parents. They’re pretty terrible in the original! But this was my chance to change that. Instead of abandoning their children, they have a good reason for disappearing. Fun fact: when I first told my editor about the basis for Ravenous, she said the same thing – she always hated the parents in that story. But she was very pleased to hear I intended to fix it!