Boombastic News! Unplag is Now Unicheck: What Does it Mean for You?

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Hi everyone! We are both a little nervous and super excited to share our recent news with you. A momentous in the life of our brand has come!

From now on call us Unicheck! We’ve significantly changed the mission behind our project and keep on enriching our plagiarism detection software with new handy features and functions.

Why did we choose such a nameUnicheck? It’s simple. It embraces three key points: being unique, united, and universal. Unique stands for promotion of unique way of thinking and writing, so that every paper created would possess individual style and bring value. United means that we encourage everyone who shares academic honesty principles to join our community. And universal – expresses our desire to become a smart universal solution for students and educators nationwide that would help develop distinctive writing voice and carry out in-depth research.

Interface Making You Feel at Home

We’ve substantially improved Unicheck’s interface to make your navigation inside the account quick and smooth. And soon it will see the world.

When logged in, you will definitely notice the change in documents layout. With a menu bar being able to hide and medium-size document icons occupying a bigger space, your user journey will turn into a pleasure summer trip. A lot of drag-and-dropping will make it even more enjoyable, since arranging files and folders the way you like will take seconds.

Shortcut icons and similarity indicators being neatly displayed right on each of the uploaded files are real time-savers. With multiple cloud storage services supported, you will keep on working just like you’re used to.

Unlimited file storage capacity means you will be able to keep as many files in your Library as you want. No need to remove them. No time wasted. Our UI and UX gurus worked hard to ensure you have a simple workflow.

Features Made More Powerful

Every search across the internet is now made more powerful and precise. Whenever you are to get a document checked against online sources, Unicheck will also scan more than 3000 open access sources, books and journals. On top of this, it will use machine learning to deliver carefully verified sources that have matching content.

We’ve also added many enhancements for universities, colleges and schools using or planning to use our software. The biggest one is – giving open access to plagiarism checks! Open for all institutions no matter the size or location! Supporting native integrations with most popular LMSs as well as such platforms like Google Classroom is also among the recent updates. Additionally, academic institutions will get a chance to benefit from student originality stats provided in reports.

What to Expect?

Briefly, a myriad of helpful releases. Luckily, we’ve got in-house developers and computer scientists who know how to make miracles happen. Thus, a robust grammar editor and paraphrase recognition feature have already been added to our roadmap.

The plans are ambitious and we are feeling determined. Keep track of our content updates at unicheck.com and feel free to get in touch with our support team either via email info@unicheck.com or live chat! Don’t hesitate to bombard us with your questions! We love them!