Why It Is a Great Idea to Spend Christmas on Campus

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There are a few places on Earth that can surpass the campus environment atmosphere in terms of studying. We bet you didn’t know that campus Christmas atmosphere is also good enough for having fun.

Moreover, you’d be blown out of water to find out that Christmas campus activities are hardly related to the lonesome supplementary reading, doing your homework one semester ahead or throwing wet looks at windows of partying strangers.

So you stuck on campus during Christmas and you think it is bad luck? Look at the bright side of hat you’re losing is in the best case scenario is a one or two home-cuisine items and a few extra warm hugs.it. W

Even if it seems that you’ll have plenty of time to eventually get bored, we assure you: if you try some of these Christmas activities for students you won’t regret anything. Proved.

Here’s how you can use campus Christmas time for good:

Unleash Your Creative Genius

One day you’ll definitely be famous but for now, you’re just a student who’s stuck on Christmas Eve with a bunch of other students like you.

Writing is one of top widely avoidable Christmas activities for students, and we guess you know why. If you are a smart person you turn people’s laziness to your own advantage.

How many students from your campus will try their chances on the next writing contest? Now tare out the weight of a basket for all of those who write well. Not many left out.

If you are aiming to win something more serious like US Pen Literary Awards 2018 or Annual International Book Awards, then you’ll have to have a lot of practice.

The rules for taking part in contests are not for faint hearted. Firstly, of all your writing should be totally original, and luckily you can always be sure about that using Unicheck.  

Secondly, the writing needs to be interesting. Like muscles, and like your brain muscles as well, imagination is trained with practice. Grow a new habit of writing for 2 hours, every day. No less, but more is welcome.

Next, take a habit to write picking overly unusual and strange topics and gradually you’ll be able to write descriptive, like you’ve been in three wars and seen nine ghosts. Some good ideas to start your writing day with:

  • Why orange juice tastes disgusting after brushing your teeth?
  • Should students add their teachers as friends on Facebook?
  • Why do fathers always hate their daughters’ boyfriends?
  • How to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Feel the itchy writing urge in your hands? Congrats, your mind is in the right place.

Make friends playing

Campus becomes a second home for at least dozens of international students who can’t

travel home on the Christmas holidays. If questioning strangers is not your style of making friends, then a game creates a perfect setting for it.

It doesn’t have to be an awkward charades game that you play with your grandma before watching the Queen’s speech. There’s a selection of funny board games to pick from, starting from old good Monopoly and ending with friend-making Catan.


There are plenty of Christmas free time activities for students you can take part in. For instance, De Montfort University’s chaplaincy invites their students to free Christmas dinner and winter season holiday trips. Lancaster University even keeps nightclub open for students on New Year’s Eve. Find out if your college holds something cool for you, too.


As you see campus activities can be fun and meaningful as well. What can be more meaningful than bringing Christmas joy to others? There’s no better way to catch that Christmas spirit than volunteering. According to Rachel Harvey of Lancaster’s Students’ Union, Christmas time spent on campus isn’t something extraordinary and is rather trendy these days. She says: “Opportunities are offered to students to do volunteer work and help in the local community over Christmas, which have proved very popular.” Help to spread the Christmas mood all over your campus or beyond. Volunteering at the shelter you can put extra smiles on people’s faces and that is sure a worthy thing to capture in your memory.

Take over the room

Albert Einstein once said that order is only necessary for fools, and genius dominates chaos. However, justifying the chaos in your workplace by this quote isn’t the best idea because the studying surrounding directly impacts the productivity of all of those who are not geniuses. Take the chance to begin the new year in totally rearranged dorm room. Take your time and make some of the DIY projects, bring in some cool IKEA furniture, use this vacuum cleaner that your roommates haven’t touched for ages, get inspired by someone who did it before you and see how the absence of your roommates finally pays off.

Think about the future

“Live each day as if it was your last” is sure a good quote, maybe it’s even the most student quote of all quotes once said by Steve Jobs.

In fact, one-day living philosophy is good for you if you are magically trapped in the “Greyhound Day” like Bill Murray, in other cases things will change. Now it depends on you whether these changes will be for the better.

Set the books aside this time and watch educational movies about famous people that got famous in the industry you are planning to build your career in.

The inspirational movies will show you the vector where to head to and some practical courses can prepare you for serious loads of work that await newcomers at their first job place.

Ending for new beginning

Students stay at the campus for different reasons. Some of us have seasonal jobs that keep us afloat, others have their place of studying too far away from their place of living.

If you ended up spending your Christmas time at campus, it doesn’t need you have to lose that festive spirit. You might enjoy it along with others in the close, intimate company of friends who also involuntarily skip home celebrating this year. It’s time to try free time activities for students you still have not dared to try and get ready for the new studying season.