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Prevent Plagiarism in Your Business with AI-Powered Tools

Run accurate, automated checks through billions of sources, browse instant reports to edit, proofread, and compare your published work

Why Use Unicheck

Equally effective for all sorts of tasks

For marketers

For marketers

SEO agencies, bloggers, and other marketing professionals

  • Check across your library and within your own sources to avoid self-plagiarism
  • Search for similarities to ensure text originality before publication
  • Upload text in any format you want without worrying about converting
For publishers

For publishers

Trade, customer, academic, electronic, and other publishing entities

  • Check texts up to 100K words in size and get results within minutes
  • Prevent potential plagiarism with automated checks in any CMS
  • Upload files in over 25 languages with the initial formatting retained
For lawyers

For lawyers

Intellectual property, education attorneys, and others involved in plagiarism cases

  • Review legal papers and verify authenticity in an inclusive report
  • Perform searches across a vast internet archive with over 91B current and archived web pages
  • Store original versions of your docs safely in a cloud

Extensive Search Rules

  • 281 rules for citations and references recognition
  • 101 algorithms for file processing
  • Character replacement detection

Fastest Growing Database

  • 91B web pages
  • 102M pages crawled a day
  • Company private library

Secure Private Cloud

  • Bulk data processing
  • Microservices architecture
  • Isolated user accounts

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