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Unicheck Revealed Academic Plagiarism and Started Collaboration with a Renowned Spanish University

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Last week Unicheck officially started partnering up with the King Juan Carlos University located in Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish university has already obtained an annual license to use the Unicheck plagiarism checker and take academic cheating under control. 37,939 students of this university can now instantly scan their papers for originality and get accurate search results.

Before signing the contract, during a trial period of the Unicheck software, a sensational plagiarism case was revealed. As it appeared, academic plagiarism was found in one of the university Vice-Chancellor’s article  “Revolution and Renewal of the Legal Administration (1874 – 1936)”. Now he is the Chancellor of this university. The article was published in 2006 in the annual edition of the Spanish law. The biggest part of his article was just copied from the book of another professor of the university of Barcelona, Miguel Angel Aparicio Perez who has already retired.

This case soon became widely acknowledged as every year the university assesses hundreds of doctoral and diploma papers. Thus, the problem of academic plagiarism will be successfully solved with Unicheck in the near future.

The Unicheck team keeps on working jointly with many other universities worldwide to help effectively tackle academic dishonesty problem and show students how to turn each and every paper they write into an absolutely original piece. To check how Unicheck works, make use of its recently launched free checker option available here.


The King Juan Carlos University is a Spanish public research university located in Madrid. It is named after King Juan Carlos of Spain, and it was established in 1996. The university is divided into four campuses. It provides students with undergraduate degrees, 44 dual degrees, 6 English-taught degrees, 8 Engineering degrees, and doctoral programs in Health Sciences, Communication Sciences, Law and Social Sciences.