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Adaptive Learning Is a New Educational Trend. Guess Why?

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In addition to self-taught learning, adaptive learning is also growing in popularity. It is a computer-based educational system. The key idea behind it is that it helps present materials according to student needs and achievements.

Since adaptive learning is a computer-based educational method, it requires some special software to be applied. Such software has many features, like tracking skills, instant feedback, personalized tips and an amazing interface, looking like a computer game!

Actually, adaptive learning is not that new, as it may seem. The idea came from B.F. Skinner’s work published in the 1950s. But since that time on, new technologies have come to a completely new level including online services designed for educational purposes.

Why Apply Adaptive Learning

So why use adaptive learning? This technology personalizes education and allows teachers to better monitor student achievements and enables students to track their own grades as well. This option means a lot to students. They always know the level of their achievements and improve their self-monitoring skills and control their learning process.

The software which comprises all of the above features is LMS. LMS stands for learning management system. It is multifunctional system created to effectively manage learning process, track students’ progress and keep record of some important data.

Assessing Students with Adaptive Learning Systems

Different adaptive learning systems deliver textbook content at a different speed, but they are not able to make a simple evaluation. However such programs allow teachers to assess students at any time just with a few clicks. Teacher can always see if student needs some advice or extra help.

There are some new adaptive learning technologies like intelligent learning technologies. Such technologies are research-based and designed to track students’ personal development, to choose the right topic for the next lesson, and to choose the right level of difficulty.

Despite LMSs are so helpful and popular, there is some negative feedback about them. Some claim that platforms for adaptive learning make learning process unhuman. For example, some claim that Knewton doesn’t give students some original ways of answering the questions. Such systems as Knewton LMS are good for Math, for example, but they may be unsuitable for other disciplines. But despite this problem adaptive learning is getting more and more popular.

With new technologies adaptive learning brought about a revolution in the world of education. Maybe, some day they will replace teachers, who knows!