Best Books to Read in Summer While Lounging on a Beach

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The light breeze of blooming roses on the streets give you a sweet taste of summer. Golden sun rays are cuddling you in a soft fleur bringing right to the seaside. All the troubles of your academic year, tests and sleepless nights are behind. Now it’s time to enjoy. We at Unicheck are sure there is nothing more revitalizing than fresh air, sun, water, and … a pleasant book of course. It is like a cherry on top, making your stay at the seaside meaningful. We would like to give you a short list of books to pay attention to and pick one. 

“Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The book that transfers you immediately to the romantic part of life is “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It is a thoughtful, graceful reflection on relationships, marriage, solitude and age. The book was published in 1955, but the way the events narrated can’t but amuse. It is a real pleasure to turn over the pages. You just dive into the journey of the author’s trip around North Atlantic, Africa and Pacific.

“Life from Scratch” by Melissa Ford

“Life from Scratch” is another journey of a cook into the world of culinary art. The main character travels to different countries and comes to the conclusion that happiness is within and nothing can make a person more delighted than his/her own attitude to life. This book leaves a sad and happy message at once. So, that a reader could have a chance to think over the main values.

Anna Jean Mayhew “The Dry Grass of August”

It is a compelling, sincere book of the  child’s growth, understanding and re-evaluation of life. The most insightful part is that the story of a girl from North Carolina who is in fact the author of the book. She reveals the injustice, cruelty and intolerance in the world of adults. By changing her perception of the world.

Robert Goolrick “Heading out to Wonderful”

This book is about an adventurous and mysterious trip of a man carrying two bags full of lots of money in one, and knives in the other. It is actually an intricate love story that went wrong. By discovering it, you will open a masterpiece of love

Katherine Howe “ The House of Velvet and Glass”

If you want to read the most mysterious story ever, then get down to unfolding this book pages. Sybil Allston is the main character of the story. She lost her sister and mother in Titanic crash. After the felt extremely lonely just staying with her father. A sudden expel from university of her brother makes her contact a psychology professor. The unexpected revelation of events in the end of the book will make you as a reader feel exciting.

Jane Green “Dune Road”

This personal story of a divorcee and wife Kit Hargrove shows how unexpected life may be. After she divorced, she married again and had a wonderful family. Yet, dramatic times took place there as well. The problem of a friendship between women is vividly highlighted as well, when one falls in love with a man. The mysterious side of this novel reveals when somebody called Annabel appears in Kit’s life.


A change of activities may help you feel relaxed. However, if you want to spend your time meaningfully during summer, get yourself involved in reading. By transferring yourself into another reality, eliciting quotes that may help you in life, you will nourish your inner world or even become inspired to write a book of your own!