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Practical Skills to Acquire During Your Summer Break

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Summer is a fantastic time and we bet you are waiting for it impatiently. Dreaming about a trip to wonderful exotic places with palms and a light breeze. Planning your perfect escape from the bunch of troubles you’ve experienced throughout the year.

But what if you make this summer vacation both fun and meaningful getting new skills along the way? Knowledge is no burden and active relaxation may be way better if it is evolving. We at Unicheck would like to give you a short insight on how to upgrade yourself. Let’s dig in. 

Learn New Language

Start learning a new language on purpose. When you know why you learn, it will be easier for you to make time and get motivated. This is a great way to train your brain. Being bilingual is always good for boosting your memory, attention and cognitive perception.

With such tools as Duolingo or Livemocha, getting steadily involved into the language is a lot of fun. By the way, these learning techniques will help you succeed in no time: watch series with subtitles in your native language, keep record of new phrases, create mini-stories describing each day of your vacation, use flashcards, just keep practising regularly without being afraid of making mistakes. Some extra tips on learning a new language you can also find here.

Improve Your Writing

Writing makes a considerable part of your life at university or college. Why not polish your skills when you have some time for that. As it appears, to choose the most appropriate headline is not that easy. Learn how to write really catchy sentences and evolve a reader with first lines. Finally, enrich your text with various stylistic devices, so it could not look dry. Learn how to be persuasive if you want to have an emotional impact on your reader.

Earn Extra Money

Money gives you a great feeling of confidence. The sooner you dive into the world of money-making the better. A list of various types of work you may perform is really huge, so pick up the one you feel like doing.

Start with simple ones like walking dogs, carrying tennis stuff for players, or becoming a babysitter. And what about launching your own blog or contributing posts to other blogs? This work can easily turn into your hobby, especially when topics you are about to cover are of great interest for you. Become a tour guide, explore new cultures, traditions, their history, and see most visited tourist attractions with your own eyes.

Accomplish Personal Things

Summer vacation is a perfect time for setting your mind at peace and figure out your true inner inclination finding the work that makes you really happy. Take on some online psychological courses to discover true you, all your strengths and weaknesses. It is a jumping-off point to learn what you like and plan what to do in the future.

On the Whole

Here’s our final tip to you. As summer is knocking at the door, schedule 10 minutes a day to draft a plan with skills and activities you would like to attain to spend time worthwhile. Diverse kinds of short-time jobs will help you not only get extra money and valuable experience, but also expand your social life a great deal. If you would like to have a highly-paid job in future, do not procrastinate during your summer break! Believe us, it works!