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Essay Check for Plagiarism: Quick Tips to Learn

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Before submitting an essay only few students run an essay check for plagiarism to make sure they don’t have text duplications, unless it is obligatory. The rest doesn’t even bother and as a result faces unpleasant consequences, because educators tend to check student works for plagiarism and punish the guilty ones. Even if students didn’t mean cheating, accidental plagiarism is still an offense.

Therefore, we’d like to suggest a number of quick tips on checking essays with a plagiarism checker based on the Unicheck example.

Check more than one essay at a time

Firstly, it doesn’t matter how many essays you check, you don’t have to wait for ages until the scanning process is finally completed – it takes only a few seconds (each page is checked within four seconds on average). Secondly, you can choose to check six essays at a time in your “Library” and press the “Check for Plagiarism” button.

Different formats are supported

Is your essay in .pdf format? No worries. Students are welcome to upload .odt, .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, and .html files. By the way, any file formatting won’t be changed after scanning. Thus, you won’t have to make additional edits or spend hours searching for the graph or image you inserted into the essay text body.

Track each text similarity

It means that you have a chance to see where each unoriginal text piece was taken from. What for? To find out which source you still need to cite or quote and include into the reference list. For that, click any highlighted area in the checked document on the left and the system will show you its hyperlinked web source on the right. Simple as that.

Look through citations and references

The checker automatically recognizes citations and references within your essay and spots them, so that you can see at once whether everything was formatted properly and referenced in the bibliography list or there’s still something left to be mentioned.

Similarity rate can be recounted

To see how original your work is after you added a few more quotes, we’ve got good news for you: originality and similarity percentage is recalculated each time you exclude sources from the list or just paraphrase a highlighted area in the text.

Check an essay vs documents in your Library

If you used your old essay as an example for writing the new one, you’d better make sure there are no similarities between them and check it against your entire Library. Should you use web sources for getting inspired, then the check against the Internet will be more appropriate in this case.

Writing great essays is sometimes a challenge for students that’s why they can look through other essays available on the Internet or reuse the old ones. As a consequence, they receive low grades or even get suspended because of plagiarism. We hope our tips can help you save your reputation and write unique academic works.