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Assessment of Students at the Modern Universities

Assessment of Students at the Modern Universities

We can hardly imagine the learning process without assessment of students achievements. Assessment allows educators to see how successfully students perform during their studies. Evaluation is the basis of the educational process. It helps educators find out if students can reach the goals set up by the teachers and curriculum. Basically, assessment is necessary for students also, as it shows how efficiently they work during their classes or how successfully they complete the assignments. Besides, they can see whether or not they should devote some more time for studying.

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Traditional Teaching and Innovative Teaching

Traditional Vs. Innovative Teaching Methods

Constant changes in the educational system and other areas related to education always cause discussions around this topic. It is obvious, that changes turn positive only if they lead to development and improvement in the educational environment while other changes don’t bring any benefit. That’s why, when speaking about teaching methods, we can hear a lot of critical comments about variations in types of teaching. Nevertheless, we may also hear some supporting arguments. So, what arguments seem to be stronger – about traditional or innovative methods of teaching?

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Top 10 Scholarships for International Students

10 Best Scholarships for International Students You Can Apply For Now

Summer is already here and you are still dreaming of studying abroad and getting to know new cultures? Why not find a number of online courses or scholarship contests to take part in? This is a good fit for your brain and a good chance to save budget too.

To focus your efforts on those you can benefit from, do check its participation and eligibility requirements. This way you’ll quickly filter out the ones which aren’t suitable for you.

So let’s take a closer look at them.

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A Commenting Feature by Unicheck Allows for Better Interaction with Students

A Commenting Feature by Unicheck Allows for Better Interaction with Students

A recently rolled out commenting feature is a win for educators using Unicheck as corporate users. It allows commenting on any part of the assignment submitted by the student and share feedback or provide individual recommendations in a matter of seconds. Commenting is supported in all LMSs Unicheck is currently integrated with including Canvas and Moodle for no extra charge.

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You Deserve a Better User-Experience: Updated Unicheck Interface and Commenting Mode in Canvas

You Deserve a Better User-Experience: Updated Unplag Interface and Commenting Mode in Canvas

The Unicheck team is never tired to pleasantly surprise you. Now it’s  the turn of numerous Canvas users! All the educational institutions making use of the Canvas LMS are highly welcome to install the Unicheck app (if you haven’t done it yet) and make the most of the enhanced Unicheck functionality.

It now has a newly updated interface and similarity report as well as a commenting feature to help educators share their feedback with students in a quick and simple way. And the latter will definitely help educators using Canvas increase student engagement.

Let’s have a closer look at these updates.

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Plagiarism Busters Contest

Terms: Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest

$150* Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest



Contest: Unplag Plagiarism Busters Contest

Contest Area: Worldwide

Language: English

Age of Eligibility: Age of majority in country of Participant’s citizenship.

Contest Period: July 20, 2016 to August 18, 2016

Entries Due: 11:59 PM GMT on August 18, 2016

Entry is limited to one (1) entry per person per account.

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