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Rescue Tools with Tips to Save Your Finals

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The end of the year is coming, bringing winter holidays (for sure), snow (hopefully) and Christmas presents (yes, please). But before everyone can come home to their families to celebrate, learners still have something to do for their academic careers. Finals are right here, and there’s just a bit of last minute studying left before this year is over.

Preparation for finals leaves even the smartest undergraduates in a huff and a puff. Holiday mood can be distracting and confounding, and let’s face, you are running out of time. But you’re not alone in your struggle for a good grade. Unicheck is here to help, even if all what’s left is just a couple of days.

Unicheck team was hard at work discovering the best and the most awesome tools that could save you from failing your finals. Here are five the most useful of them, underpinned with tips on fast studying.

Check Your Assignment

One of the most important tools for any student is a plagiarism checker. It is especially useful if you are in a hurry (who isn’t these days?) and need to check your paper or assignment fast. That way you will see if you have missed any citations or unattended text, which will most likely get you in trouble.

Unicheck uses unique similarity search algorithm, which divides a paper into small linguistic pieces and compiles it back. This strategy helps to provide the best result and find the smallest amount of similarities in any text. In other words, Unicheck will always have your back. You will be able to see the links to the similarities found in your text to cite them and do it fast.

Unicheck provides users with both free and paid software versions. Programme functionality remains same for both of them. The only difference is the limitation for free checker, which is 500 words. If you haven’t got an account yet, today is the right time, because every new user gets 5 free pages for their checks.

Track Your Time

Did you know that simple online research can be really dangerous to your last minute studying? Well, it is because there are distractions. You know, like social media.

A trusting student will follow some innocent-looking blog post on education located there, without a doubt on their mind. That’s when dozen of links to “related” subjects start blinking all around, and eventually, poor learner finds out that the precious time flew out of the window and the research is not anywhere near being complete.

Rescue Time is a great tool to plan the studies. With its help, students can block distracting websites; set limits for the time spent is Facebook; plan their day and set goals for it; and even get a score on their productivity and email summary for the week. There is “Lite” version for free and a “Premium” paid version.

Translate and Study New Words Instantly

Another important tool for studying is a dictionary. And don’t you roll your eyes at us.

It is vital, not only for non-native learners, but for everybody. It will be a great help if you need to refresh your vocabulary with some new smart-sounding words, or just find a definition of a pesky technical term. A dozen of online dictionaries may be found on the web, but only a few of them are qualified and professional.

ABBY Lingvo translator is a great solution for any student. It is a high-end software and it’s easy to use. It has an advantage of online and offline using. Students may download it and install to their PC’s to gain an independence from the network in case an internet connection lets them down.

Lingvo is also equipped with an electronic tutor, which makes word drilling tiny bit more pleasant. Paid and free versions are available.

Check your grammar

A paper is good when it is filled up with facts and research results. But proper word spelling, text structure, and sophisticated grammar is also important for getting a high score from a teacher.

Reverso tool would be useful for students, who doubt their writing competence. It has a speller and a grammar checker. Besides, it is free of charge and learners may access it online without signing up. This, of course, won’t make you into a grammar god or a literary genius, but it will help with your last minute studying for sure.

Find collocations

Sometimes learners need to avoid set expressions and extensively used word combinations to increase originality of a paper and to make it sound fresh and brisk. Collocation generator is a right way to reach this goal.

Just the word (JTW) is a free online software for generating collocations to refresh a paper or a speech. What students should do is type a single word or a phrase and get a list of possible collocations, as well as alternatives for them.

The Final Piece of Advice

All the tools above make studying easier and most importantly, help to prepare for finals at the last minute. There is also a piece of information on how to prevent plagiarism at Unicheck blog, if you need part cleared out.

And here is the final piece of advice: no matter what you do and how little time is left for your studying, do not give up or despair. The finals will pass, and you will pass them, as well. Good luck!