Unicheck Signed Memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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Unicheck joins government-level initiatives by signing Memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The document signed on April 4, 2018 is meant to provide Ukrainian universities with the powerful similarities detection software to verify the originality of academic papers and foster academic integrity principles in Ukrainian academic community.

The Memorandum reached with Ukrainian government establishes long-term cooperation and Unicheck is excited to commit to the countrywide educational changes. On our side, we strongly believe that technologies impact the way people work long after innovative tools enter educational environment.

We are excited about the appraisal and support we received from Ukrainian government. Such a valuable approval will strengthen collaboration between Unicheck and Ukrainian universities and encourage the implementation of Unicheck in Ukrainian institutions.

The main objective of cooperation lies in covering educators’ needs in powerful, easily implemented tool and timely plagiarism detection in Ukrainian universities.

Since Unicheck always traces adaptability-driven approach, its functionality will fit any type of educational environment. Universities may leverage deep features to automatically run high-volume checks for multiple courses without any hindrance to the performance of the tool.

Reshaping Academic Environment with Deep Expertise in Similarities Detection

Summing up current trends, Ukrainian universities tend to implement more tools to prevent plagiarism incidents in academic community.

Universities will use Unicheck under education-friendly pricing to create consistent system of plagiarism detection in academic papers and effectively deal with the cases of academic cheating.

Entering in such relationship with universities helps us to deliver technological expertise and contribute to the academic integrity at the very core. We hope that incorporating Unicheck into educational sector for extended time span will be followed by consecutive changes and reinforce the overall quality of academic writing.

“Lately we’ve been receiving complaints about the lack of reliable similarities detection software… There was barely any access to accurate plagiarism checkers on a regular basis” – commented Liliya Hrynevich, Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science. For this reason, the Ministry of Education sets this collaboration out as the new opportunity for universities to reduce incidents of academic dishonesty.

“Providing open access to Unicheck is our utmost concern. Use of plagiarism detection tools should not be viewed as the privilege only universities’ governing bodies could benefit from. It is equally important to enable free access to similarities detection software for postgraduate and doctoral students”  – says the Minister.

Practical Use of High-Class Similarities Detection

Employing the power of highly customizable tool adaptable to multiple eLearning environments is sure to decrease cases of cheating and promote honesty standards throughout academic community.

“Taking such initiative, we intend to create academic environment where postgraduates and doctorants will be able to run preliminary check of their thesis papers before submitting the final version to governing bodies. Basically, there is no strict set of rules, so institutions will use Unicheck upon their own consideration” – commented the Minister.

Apart from running fast and thorough checks, Unicheck functionality includes detection of improperly formatted citations and references which can’t be qualified as plagiarism.

This feature is highly practicable as it allows separating original writing from the sources cited.

To us, an opportunity to contribute to transparent educational system is a global step towards rising high standards of academic writing and promoting mutual respect among educators.

We are proud that technologies supported by Ukrainian government make it possible to drive innovative changes sustainable in a long run. Recently, Unicheck have also became partners with D2L