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Best College Practices in Using Snapchat to Engage Students

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Today digital world has conquered many fields, and education is the one of them. Teachers have gained a variety of applications such as Unicheck that simply checks for plagiarism and many more as their great helpers to make their learners more engaged in studying, so they could become satisfied from knowing more and make each day meaningful.

Snapchat is an application that hits all the records as it is widely used by teachers and students. It is the application where a user makes short videos and sends them to other recipients. However, it obtains a lot of other functions that every teacher may use at college.

Story Creation

Snapchat is a wonderful way for a story creation and presentation. All the stories become fascinating due to a fun way of story writing and enriching it with many pictures, and even examples from a real world. Real, practical examples are convincing, and a student becomes excited not just reading a story, but it evokes a desire to create your own story. Although Snapchat is famous for its vanishing content in 24 hours, there is also a new innovation in the application that saves snaps and stories and prevents them from disappearing.

Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching vocabulary may be cumbersome as it presupposes illustration of every word so that students could memorize it and actively use. Snapchat allows to show a lot of pictures and write their meaning. It also entails another activity to revise words such as flash cards with the new words that appear and disappear in seconds. Also, a teacher may provide funny pictures as a warming-up activity to refresh words. As Snapchat allows to draw on a picture, thus a teacher may check correct understanding and application of the words.

Effective Reminder

There is no other way for students’ lame excuses that they have forgotten to do their homework as you may send them reminders on Snapchat. Just a boring reprimand will do nothing with your student’s desire to implement a home assignment, but evoke irritation and reluctance. Yet, a funny picture will be more effective and action-provoking. Entertainment elicits positive emotions and motivation. Also, you will have a confirmation of your supervision, and a student will do nothing, but agree with you.

School Community Reports

School community is easy to control as all the news could be simply spread via Snapchat. That is how all the reports of the meetings, sport events and academic competitions may be spread. Using Snapchat in the classroom is highly beneficial for a contestant voting during school beauty pageant or while choosing a chief editor for a school magazine.

In Essence

Using Snapchat in a classroom is favorable for both, teacher and students. It is a fun way for students to learn as well as cope with any administrative issues arising. It takes only a few minutes to create an astonishing video, or leave a comment on a picture. By constantly applying Snapchat in the classroom activities, it becomes a really important an integral part of every lesson.