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We Did It: Our Successful Participation in the International Event ICERI 2015

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On the 16-18th of November, our team presented Unicheck at ICERIICERI, the 8th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation 2015 held in one of the most charming Spanish cities, Seville! We were one of the main official sponsors of the event and got a number of mentions, namely on the conference site, social networks and in its printed materials.

Arranged by the eLearning Industry Event Team, the international event offered limited participation access and thanks to this the organizers succeeded to bring together only those people who were closely related to the field of education including academics, researchers and open learning specialists. That’s why it was much easier to communicate our message and be understood! The overall participants’ number amounted to 600 edufans coming from more than 75 countries. All of them aimed at interchanging their best educational experiences and practices and finding opportunities for productive networking. This is what we did as well.

You’ll hardly believe it, but there were presented 420 reports in 8 parallel sessions covering a huge variety of issues: MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), collaborative and project-based learning, entrepreneurship education experience and many more. Did we try to demonstrate our skills in delivering speech? Of course, we did! On the 16-17th of November the Unicheck team gave two killer presentations on e-learning tools able to better academic writing skills and accurately detect unoriginal text.

We can’t help but mention our informative and colorful posters, brochures and leaflets. Our designers worked hard to make them look attractive and useful. Actually, you can see it for yourself on the photo below.

International Event

The exhibition outcome exceeded everyone’s expectations. We got acquainted with ProctorU, an online service allowing to pass exams remotely, and more than 50 university representatives coming from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Spain and other wonderful countries we hope to visit one day. Well, it was a really great international experience! Being inspired by these achievements, the Unicheck team also took part in the meeting with the Spanish university presidents’ committee.

What’s next? We’re already looking forward to the upcoming events to be initiated by the International Academy of Technology in 2016! Having received positive feedback from the educational representatives, we’d love to keep on participating in such events in the future too. Besides, a new video with our participation is coming soon. So, follow our updates!