Latest Improvements to Unicheck Integration for Major LMSs

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In the academic world, Unicheck is an integral part of the LMS. Therefore, our most important task is to make this experience for every user as smooth, intuitive, and secure as possible.

In this round of updates, we’ve added a list of game-changing enhancements that will simplify similarity report navigation, make the reports accessible to every user, and save even more time for you to prioritize strategic tasks over routine.

 Unicheck’s Canvas integration

  • Reports remain available at all times

After reinstalling Unicheck’s Canvas integration, all previously generated similarity reports remain available and fully functional. No need to restore backups or generate new reports.

  • Accessibility of system settings

All settings of Unicheck’s Canvas integration fully comply with the latest international accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 AA) and are easy for everyone to use.



Unicheck’s Moodle integration

  • Enhanced UI

To speed up the grading process, Unicheck’s information contains a similarity score displayed in front of each submitted paper. Also, select the “Report” button right next to it for an in-depth investigation.

  • “Possible cheating” warning

To notify educators about any cases of character replacement, a visible warning sign appears next to the match score of the particular student work.

  • GDPR compliance

Moodle’s mechanism for processing personal data fully conforms with the guidelines for the collection and processing of the EU citizens’ personal info.



Unicheck integration for Google Classroom

  • Direct report link as an alternative to email

Now, there is a direct link to the similarity report available right in the assessment window in Google Classroom. Users continue to receive the same report links delivered to their emails, but it’s now much more convenient to click a direct link to a particular similarity report while grading students’ work.

Unicheck is a community-driven product and our team is always open to your comments and queries. Feel free to contact us at support@unicheck.com if you have a feature request or recommendation.


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