Unicheck Releases Grading Update for Schoology, NEO and Other LMSs

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This summer is way hotter than usual, or is it just us? The Unicheck team has been busy like a swarm of bees in an orchard. You surely have heard about all the exciting changes that Unicheck went though, like our new cool name and now new pricing that lets educators use Unicheck’s basic functionality for free (currently available in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). You may find your solution for education here.

Today we are here with more great news. Unicheck is proud to present LTI update that helps teachers grade assignments easier and faster.

Grading Update in a Nutshell

Unicheck has released grading update for Schoology, NEO and other LMS systems that support LTI. This update fuses grading with standard Unicheck report and now allows educators to grade assignments on the go: in the Report or in the Submission List, with the grade saved in the LMS gradebook automatically.

Educators will find this feature a real time and effort saver. Instead of having to navigate away, open the gradebook, type in the grade, and go back to the minimized windows, now the grading happens in the same window. Educators can avoid collecting grades manually to type them in afterwards.

Our grading update does not block Rubrics or other advanced features of LMS (if available in LMS for LTI assignment).

More Updates to Come

Unicheck’s customers are the happiest in all academic community, and we welcome all suggestions on how else we can improve educators’ experience.

One of our soon-to-come updates is a redesigned report. We want educators to receive more when it comes to evaluating students’ performance, that’s why we are making the report look sharper.

Let’s keep in touch, so you don’t miss any news. And remember: we love your feedback so whatever reason, don’t hesitate to contact us.