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Unicheck at Instructurecon 2016: the Most Curious Facts and Our Impressions

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Known for its 3,000-mile long Colorado Rockies and the world’s largest Rodeo show, this year Colorado has turned into an even more popular place thanks to numerous Canvas fans who came here to take part in InstructureCon 2016. No wonder that their overall amount was so big, since Canvas LMS is now being used by more than 2,000 academic institutions from all over the world.

Held throughout July 18-21, the event took place in Keystone, a town being a perfect fit for skiers, hikers and summer visitors. Inspired by the attractive look of the surroundings, the Canvas team chose a summer edcamp format for the 2016 conference.

With multiple possibilities to discuss only the topics that attendees took the biggest interest in, awesome networking opportunities as well as hands-on workshops, Instructurecon 2016 proved to be very useful and engaging.

How Did InstructureCon 2016 Go?

First off, it worth mentioning that the InstructreCon conference app became a very helpful personal assistant to our colleagues – Anastasia Parokha, Ex Unicheck CEO, and Kristina Zakharchenko, the Head of Sales Dept. at Unicheck . It allowed them to keep track of all the upcoming events, create their own agenda, check information about keynote speakers and find out the time for entertainment activities, which was also very important, if you know what we mean 🙂

On the very first day of the conference, our team was warmly welcomed by Canvas representatives who already knew who we were and what our project is about. That was definitely a good sign for us. Actually, the Canvas team was not the only one who was familiar with Unicheck and willing to find out more about the tool. There were many other attendees who came to our booth to have a friendly chat with us and ask about the available Unicheck features and capacities.

Awesome customer support, great networking opportunities, game nights and outdoor movies are just a few out of many reasons why we liked the event a lot.

Our Thanks to Canvas!

We want to thank Canvas for the excellent event and a nice opportunity to present our product and meet new people. That was very important, that was very helpful and of course that was a great fun! Hopefully, we will have another chance to join InstructureCon in 2017 😉

Nevertheless it was a little bit exhausting for our team, we are not going to take a rest. We’ve already scheduled another event, Online Educa 2016, which will be held in November in Berlin, Germany. So, let’s stay in touch and keep on being original!