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Glad to Share With You Our Impressions on OEB 2015

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This autumn appeared to be rather productive for the whole our team. We can hardly manage to write blog posts about conferences and exhibitions we’ve already attended. Still, we can’t help but share with you our impressions on OEB 2015, the conference on technology-enhanced learning, held in Berlin, Germany.

The exhibition ran during three days, on December 2-4, 2015. We took part in the event for the second time, and similarly to the previous year, it gathered together a host of experts from more than 90 countries. Just fancy, the overall number of participants exceeded 2,000 and the amount of parallel sessions surpassed 100. As usually, the organizers encouraged to take active part in the conference not only well-established manufacturers and service providers, but also startups which gladly established cross-sector connections and shared experiences.

Started by a series of workshops and seminars on how to make one’s own MOOC, develop a personal learning infrastructure, and many more interesting topics, the agenda included a great variety of interactive formats including interviews, thoughtful keynote speeches, discussions, demos and labs demonstrating advantages of newly developed tools.

So, what can we boast about? Since the conference is attended by representatives from the fields of education, business, government and public sector, the Unicheck presentation made by our colleagues attracted the attention of many visitors highly interested in acquiring good quality plagiarism detection service. Among them were such renowned universities as Yale and the University of Liverpool. Some conference guests expressed their willingness to partner up with us in the future. So, we do hope to launch successful joint projects in a while.

Besides, some attendees were pleasantly surprised to see us at OEB again, and also eagerly put multiple questions regarding the Unicheck new features and the way it can check for plagiarism online in real time. Additionally, we were already mentioned in the article at by Stefan Weber, an Austrian media researcher specializing in outlining academic plagiarism issues. For those of you who know German, here is the full article. As for our exhibition materials, they were again of great quality, and our booth designed magnetized many visitors. Just take a look at the photo below.

Unplag Booth at OEB 2015

To cut a long story short, we were glad to admit that more and more people recognize Unicheck and are truly interested in receiving updates about our product. So, having accumulated lots of precious feedback we’ll try our best to not let you down!