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4 Unbelievable Facts About Everyday Life

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If you are walking in everyday life, there are things that just make you shake your head in wonder. Whether it is the unique parts that make up the human body or whether it is one of nature’s amazements, we have identified some unbelievable facts that you can share with friends and neighbors.

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If you have ever wondered why you can’t sneeze with your eyes open, we have the scoop on this. It is true that one woman’s eye popped out from an elephant-sized sneeze back in the late 1800s. You don’t have to worry about your eyes popping out during this year’s allergy season because the body has that under control. If you have ever had an x-ray and looked at your bones, there are some surprises about what is lurking under your skin. This framework is what holds up all that skin, and there are some facts that will make your jaw drop.

We have found the one animal who can collect evidence and have this evidence be admissible in court. It is not a seeing-eye dog or even a monkey who can do sign language. You might be thinking that the animal kingdom has nothing to do with the American court system, and that we are making this up! But, we’re not. There is one type of animal that can make a difference in a trial. We’ll let you think on this for a bit before we reveal the animal’s identity.

We also have identified the creature that has cornered the market in frequent flier mileage. It has been tracked, and it logged more than 3,000 miles. If you are looking to be an extensive cross country traveler, you might want to follow their migrating habits. We can guarantee that you will be tired after your journey, and you will be a long way from where you started!

Check out these unbelievable facts that may surprise you:

1. Sneezing

Have you ever tried to sneeze with your eyes open? It is physically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. According to an NBC News report, the closing of the eyes is simply a knee jerk reflex that happens to the eyelids. When your body is violently getting rid of invaders in the nasal passage through a high velocity sneeze, your body automatically closes the eyes. Sneezes can be forced out of the body at a force of 100 miles per hour. The body simply protects itself and closes the eyes.

Urban legend has it that a sneeze with the eyes open can lead to the eyes popping out of the socket. This really happened to a woman in 1882, and it was reported in the New York Times. Although this one situation existed, it is highly unlikely for it to happen to anyone else because there are muscles holding the eye in place.

2. Bones

Concrete is a strong material made of water, sand, and cement. Your bones in your thigh are stronger than concrete! A person is born with 300 bones in the body, but as an adult, you will only be able to count a total of 206 bones. Some of these tinier bones fuse together and become one as a person grows. Your feet are the foundation of your body, and one-fourth of the total bones in the body are found in the feet.

3. Unique Patterns

The body is made up of unique identifying patterns. Each human has two unique patterns that are not replicated in any other human. One is the fingerprint. It is commonly used to identify criminals. The other is in the tongue. Every person’s tongue is distinctive, and you’ll never find another one just like yours.

4. Animal Facts

Bloodhounds are the only animals that can collect evidence and judges allow the evidence to be used in court. Bloodhounds are reliable and accurate when they are on the job as police dogs. Bloodhounds’ noses have more than 40 times more scent receptors than humans, and they have been used to track people since the ancient Roman times. According to Guinness World Records, it has been proven that the dogs are able to tie people to crime scene evidence with their exceptional sniffing abilities. Odds are good that if you are on the run from a crime and a bloodhound is brought in on the case, your time on the lam is limited because the dogs’ noses never fail to get their man.

If you are looking for the best creature with a no-fail internal GPS navigational system, look no further than the Monarch Butterfly. The Monarch has been tracked on its yearly migration pattern over more than 3,000 miles. They travel from Mexico to Canada in the spring, and from Canada to Mexico in the fall; yet each butterfly only makes the trip once in its lifetime.

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