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TOP-12 Amazing Facts About Education in Different Countries

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There are so many countries in the World, that different nations created their own traditions and cultures, which vary widely. The same we can say about education. Some of the amazing facts in the educational system of different countries are quite logical and seem to be absolutely natural. But there are some other facts that are so unbelievable that we start to look for the roots of their origin! Every country has its own system of traditions, habits, and mentality. Being familiar with those traditions will help us to find out what factors caused them.

But deep studying the cultures of the world may take too much time and efforts. So let’s just look at how fascinating or strange some traditions are and discover 12 amazing facts about education and teaching methods in different countries.

Amazing facts about education

  1. Australia. Paradoxically, this is a big country with a small population (which is even lower than in Canada). There are many remote areas where is hardly any school. Because of a long haul to the nearest school, children “attend” classes at home, listening to the radio. There are even some special broadcasts for such learners.

  2. India. Because of overpopulation, it was decided to save some territories by establishing extremely big schools. That’s why the biggest school in the World is located in India. This is the City Montessori School with 32,000 students studying in.
  3. China. Because of studying, Chinese children do not have enough time to play. Students in this country have the biggest amount of homework assignments. Furthermore, as a rule, children live in their schools and come back home only for weekends.

  4. Students in France have the shortest school year and the longest school day.
  5. Children in Canada are taught both in English and French. This is a real bilingual country.
  6. Brazil. Having a lunch with family is so important in this country that children have to start a school day at 7 o’clock! So after their classes are over, they can come back home and have a lunch with their families. Nevertheless, they still have a lot of time to sleep before the next early morning wake up.

  7. Children in the Netherlands have to start learning as soon as they reach school age (four years old). Quite early, right? But there is a juicy fact about this – there is always someone new in the class.
  8. Italy. There’s the smallest school in the World, with only one student studying in. This school is located in Torino.

  9. Bangladesh. This is the only country where you can see boat schools. There’s a big flooding problem and such schools suggest a solution. Those boats have everything important inside, including even internet and library.
  10. Iceland is the country with very severe climate. Maybe that’s why all of the citizens must know how to knit a warm sweater. So if you study in Icelandic school, you will probably see in your schedule a subject called knitting.

  11. Japan. School year in this country begins in April and nobody can explain why it is so. Japanese children are happy as they have at least normal summer vacations, what is significantly important.

  12. Chile. This country divided an academic year in a very unordinary way. Summer vacations are held there from the middle of December till March. For reference, in the Southern Hemisphere summer comes in winter, so their academic year is divided in absolutely logical order. Yes, this looks a little bit confusing.

All traditions are unique and sometimes even shocking. But others may think the same about our traditions and characteristic traits. The only thing we know for sure is that all traditions are like habits and people in those countries can hardly imagine their living without them. Of course, there are much more interesting facts about education, and we will try to collect all of them for you next time.