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Life Hitting Hard in College: Best Life Hacks and True Stories

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How do you feel while achieving anything new? Excited, happy and satisfied! But what if it is not so, and you face an avalanche of problems you didn’t expect to have? Students all over the world encounter common problems. You are afraid of failing, having debts, getting student loans, and many personal issues that may seem naive, but hurt a lot. We at Unicheck believe that every problem has a solution, and you just need to look at it from the other perspective and find the right way out.

Improving Financial Part

“By the end of my sophomore year at a small private liberal arts college, my mother and I had taken out a second loan, my father had declared bankruptcy and my parents had divorced. My mother could no longer afford the tuition that the student loans weren’t covering. I transferred to a state college in New Jersey, closer to home”.

By anonymous student taken from “Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans” by Lee Siegel

That is a sophomore’s experience. Mostly all the students are stressed out of the debt they have to pay off for their tuition fee. And you are one of them. It seems huge and bothers you all the time as you don’t really realize what to do. To become responsible for that and know your limits, you should have a clear image of the sums and deadlines, that’s why getting a tip from a financial advisor is just what you need.

Feeling Lonely

Shelly Klepitch, a freshman, shares her feelings: “Having no friends there brought me into an endless cycle of sadness”. Shelly Klepitch

Taken from “13 Powerful Stories About College Students Living with Depression” by Krystie Lee Yandoli

You have probably experienced that feeling of being far from home and missing everyone you know. For sure it is stressful and the new environment leaves you no chance for making friends instantly. That could be sad but what if to start making friends without any fear which is the only thing that blocks you from getting to know others. Just say “hi” first, look at people around you and decide if you may join some cliques. Start attending courses that suit your interests or volunteer for a program.

Harmonizing Relationships

“My depression was accompanied by an eating disorder, which I slowly developed during my second semester at Cornell University. I was struggling to balance school, my parents’ divorce, and a long-distance boyfriend who was not treating me well. I took it all out on myself and began to compulsively exercise, and eventually restricted my food intake. I didn’t realize what was wrong with me; I just knew I was always tired, cold, and extremely unhappy”.  Anonymous Student

Taken from “13 Powerful Stories About College Students Living with Depression” by Krystie Lee Yandoli

It is high time for students to start dating and they begin exploring the psychological sides of interaction. The controversies and splitting up cause depression. The reason is that nobody has ever talked to girls or boys how to behave the right way. What we would like to suggest is to explore the books about women and men psychology to comprehend the way of thinking and behavior of each other.

Summing It Up

Going to college might seem to be a real burden, many facets come to light, like failing to get A marks, dealing with worst majors or sorting personal problems out. Thinking over the same problems again and again make you feel depressed. Knowing the solution for any issue that disturbs you will make you feel a relief. Best life hacks are given to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.