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Create Concept Map and Enhance Information Comprehension

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A concept map is a graphical representation of the main ideas and interconnection between them. It facilitates any learning material comprehension. Thus, a student acquires a logical understanding of various phenomena. It is actually simple to create concept map as it consists of boxes or circles and arrows showing the relation between concepts. Make sure that the information you use is not plagiarized with Unicheck.

A concept is a word or a symbol that summarizes a few words, facts or phenomena. Concept maps make learning meaningful and give students an incentive to study. Here is the outline on construction of such maps.

How to Draw Concept Maps

Concept map has a hierarchical structure that is why before scheme creation, you should define the Focus Question or a problem that lacks solution, and place it in the middle of a Google document, Word, PowerPoint or Cmap application. To make the hierarchy of the concepts, you should jot down at least 15 concepts and put the most relevant ones closer, while the detailed ones should be placed further. The position of the concepts may be changed while making the final version of the links or cross-links between the ideas. One thing that you should remember is all the ideas should refer to the focus question.

Crucial Linking Words

You should show the relation between concepts by drawing the lines and writing linking words. It may be hard to write them when you do not understand something, so digging into more details and understanding the material will bring you to an easy way of the ideas expression. The relationships between concepts will automatically become clear. The bonding between concepts is a proof of knowledge evaluation and its synthesis. Thus, the process of cognition becomes more proficient and effective.

Student Collaboration

Concept maps may be the reason for student collaboration. Young learners create such concept maps, share them and comment, thus they discuss the relationships between concepts, and different outlook of students will lead to the right conclusion and finding the right answer to the Focus Question after rigorous discussions.

Skeleton Maps

Skeleton Map is a special kind of concept maps that is created by an expert. It consists of a few concepts, and they are hard to define as a person should be a pro in a certain field to choose the ones that describe any phenomena at its best. This kind of a concept map is used more to outline a new topic and give a nudge to learn more. There is no definite number of concepts in such maps. They are given in a way to direct learners and find out more about a new field.

Impact on Learners

Concept mapping is a means of learning facilitation. No doubt there are diverse ways of students’ engagement like Snapchat or Thinkbinder, yet concept mapping is impressive. It helps visualize the main ideas and find logical interconnection between them. Material memorization becomes easy, natural and effective. Concept maps improve material understanding as a certain sequence of events, facts and dates. Concept mapping implementation takes a new turn in education, creating a new cognitive, and effortless way of information perception.