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Education and Computers: How to Make Students Interested in Learning Coding

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Computer literacy has been taught in schools already for years. Every year school curriculum has more and more IT classes. Students around the world take typing classes and learn how to use computers and different educational software like free plagiarism checker, for example when the school starts. Of course, it’s not enough for their future work and study. That’s why,  schools have recently added some coding classes to their study programs.

These classes do not only develop students’ computer skills, but they also help students understand the world around them better.

Why it is Necessary to Add Coding to the Curriculum

Those who support coding integration in school education believe that students will only benefit from it. Learning basic languages will help students gain new skills.

First, students should learn coding in the middle school. In high school they have a chance to learn advanced coding if they want. This could help students acquire vital skills they will make use of in their work.

Coding Education in School

Usually, students learn some programming languages like Pascal, HTML and CSS. The last two are so simple that students make websites and even work as webmasters without any special education.

There are some programs such as Lightbot that allows teachers to involve even elementary age pupils in writing and using code, explaining them the power of a computer code and showing how their favorite games have been made.

For example, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation named a number of code‐teaching programs and devices that can help such as LEGO WeDo, MIT’s Scratch, and Tynker.

Coding Can Bring More Women into STEM Field

STEM area is occupied by men and there are not so many women. Educators hope that providing coding education in school will attract more women to the STEM fields. Previously this field was occupied only by men. In fact, women have the same abilities to coding as men. Of course, scientists proved that men have a higher level of logical thinking which helps a lot while writing a code, however, women are studious and accurate, and may succeed in coding as well. That’s why, coding education should be integrated in school.

Future Perspectives of Coding Education In Schools Around the World

The jobs that require programming and computational skills are very well paid and prestigious. The problem is that children might find coding too boring and they won’t study it on their own.

While learning coding, the students acquire some skills in this field, and they have a clear understanding whether they want to do it in future or not. Many countries around the world have already integrated coding to the school curriculum. Students in those countries usually learn HTML and Pascal. They can also learn other additional computer languages. For the last years schools have had more coding classes. So, very soon, computer science may become one of the most important subjects in school.