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How Can I Do My Homework without Difficulties?

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Homework is obviously one of the most frustrating things spoiling your school/college/university life. Everything seems perfect, except this. The H-word haunts you day and night, and it makes you suffer and procrastinate.

There is a way out: Change your attitude. Change it, and things you hate become painted in glowing colors. Try being like Pollyanna, the main character in Eleanor Porter’s classic novel, and find the pleasant aspects of what you do. A positive attitude does not do your homework for you, but it helps to change your opinion and find new solutions.

When reading these most widespread excuses not to do or finish your homework, you are sure to find one of yours:

  • I must do more important stuff; homework is useless.
  • Math is not for me. I want to be an actor/writer/designer/etc.
  • That’s too much/difficult for me; how can I cope with this workload?
  • That’s too easy for me; what a waste of time!
  • I do not get what they want from me; the task is unclear.

So, “What is motivation to do my homework?” is your question. There are some tips to help you motivate yourself. Have a look at the list below:

1. Define your aim

In order to accomplish your task successfully, you should clearly understand what results from you expect to get in the end: A-grade, improving your skills and knowledge, enhancing your IQ level, etc. So, when you define your aim, you’ll motivate yourself to study better.

2. Pay more attention to what your educators teach you

Teachers will hardly ever “fill your head with unnecessary stuff,” so you’d better listen to them carefully, as they are good at what they do and know what they’re saying. What’s more, teachers often mention things during lectures that cannot be found in books, manuals or websites.

3. Take notes and review them

Working at seminars and lectures makes your working at home much easier. Note what your teachers say and reread it at home. This helps quite a bit.

4. Divide tasks

Procrastination gives you no advantages. Leave this habit behind and try to start doing something. Do not wait until the deadline comes up – just plan in advance what should be done and when. Also, try to develop your time management skills:

  • write a to-do list;
  • define how much time you need for each task;
  • do not overload yourself;
  • finish what you have already started.

There are many time management tips you can implement, and it’s up to you to follow some or all of them depending on your lifestyle.

5. Do not miss an opportunity

You have an amazing chance to learn something new by attending classes. Try to self-improve. Yes, there are a lot of difficult and “not-for-me” subjects, but never say never – give it a chance. Your knowledge will certainly help you get a good job and have an interesting life. Check these websites to get inspired and amuse yourself:

  • Mind Shift;
  • eLearning Industry;
  • te@chthought.

6. Reward yourself

Encourage yourself, praise yourself, give yourself little gifts and bonuses for your efforts.

7. Work in a group

Studying with a group-mate allows you to manage a huge number of tasks more effectively, stimulates you to compete, and provides you with an advisor who can help you cope with your work at least twice as fast as usual.

Be cautious: Working in groups sometimes can lead to accidental plagiarism – you can borrow your mate’s idea by chance. Care about the uniqueness of your work, and check your material with plagiarism checker for students.

8. Get enough rest

Sometimes it is better to have a rest before you start working – overall effectiveness undoubtedly increases, and you can get to your tasks with more energy.

9. Organize your workspace

Find a comfortable place where you can concentrate and study without any disturbance.

P.S.: If you have your own tricks on how to finish your homework fast, you are welcome to share them in the comments below.