Productivity Boosters

Exercise Motivation: Habits That Make Your Studying 35% More Productive

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You as a student might be eager to learn how to make your studying better. Good studying results directly depend on how productive you can be. Human beings are not able to perform functions immediately at the drop of a hat. It’s vitally important not to be sleepy, hungry or exhausted. If you aren’t productive, then it’s time for a change!

When following at least half of the tips below, your improved productivity might surprise you. So check them out.

Identifying priorities is the clue to great achievements

The art of prioritizing is hard to learn. However, once mastered, you’re halfway to success.

Start everything with a plan. Estimate what things are urgent, important and less important. Decide which of them should be done right away, tomorrow, or in a week. Put everything on your to-do list.

One more tip: Try to figure out how much time will be spent on each task. This way, you’ll be able to keep control over the amount of time you devote to studying, work and leisure.

What resources are going to be of assistance to you? Make use of Evernote, as it has a variety of functions, including composing lists with the help of a text and audio format, using a keyword option for faster notes searching, and synchronizing mobile and computer entries. As an alternative, you can select Google Tasks. It will enable you to convert emails into tasks and schedule tasks in your calendar.

Pay attention to your comfort

Decide what time and place is better for your work or studying. People usually underestimate comfort. Your workplace should be lighted well. Find a cosy place where you can concentrate best of all. If your surrounding doesn’t distract you, you can be sure your productivity will be boosted fast.

Organize your workplace so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips: Place pens, files and paper clips in the first drawer; clean sheets of paper, copybooks or notebooks in the second; calculators, headsets and phone chargers in the third, etc. To remember what is placed where, label the drawers, file folders, etc. The main point is to group the stuff you need based on their categories.

Work according to your biorhythms, too. Are you a lark or an owl? Are you productive in the morning or late at night? If you feel sleepy, you’re best off going to bed and coming back to your work again when you have more energy.

Scientists are pretty sure that music promotes productivity. But it depends. Some students complain that it only distracts them.

Block distractions

A few more details about distractions. Your friends may suggest going out. You want to have an evening watching a Star Wars movie. You are constantly receiving messages on Facebook, or your phone is beeping all the time receiving texts…

These things sidetrack you all the time! It’s impossible to be productive when you keep your eyes on the phone screen and your fingers on PC keyboard.

Vary studying methods

Have you ever experienced a situation when no study method worked for you? Your classmates managed to use this method successfully and gain results, but you seemed to be an exception. No worries! Sometimes you just need to change your approach toward the issue.

If you don’t know what method is suitable, consult your teachers, tutors, peers, or join a study group: They are bound to have some good ideas and will gladly share them with you.

Choose a healthy lifestyle and positive motivation

This recommendation might sound quite obvious. Everyone knows that healthy food, sports, sobriety, and a positive attitude are just what you need for effective work. Let’s stick to the facts: A University of Bristol study proved that workers have better time management skills and generally work more effectively when they exercise before work. Increase your productivity with an optimistic life view and sports and check out our time management tips for students!

If you have already tried some of these pieces of advice and found they bring good results, share your views in the comments below. Any other tips you’ve personally tested are welcome here as well.