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Booming Plagiarism Scandals in 2016

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plagiarism scandals

What is your reaction to just baked delicious cakes displayed in a confectionery showcase? Right… The same happens to others who are looking through thousands of pages and suddenly cast an eye over a tasty piece of content.

Plagiarism has always been the key reason to consider a person unprofessional, yet an intention of famous people to copy somebody’s work and get a career promotion is unstoppable. Although, plagiarized parts of works may be revealed later on, the thieves still achieve their goals. Nobody could even imagine that a freedom fighter Martin Luther King copied some abstracts from a theologian without giving credit, or a scientist Jane Goodall, who studied chimpanzee and had a long great career, yet got caught mentioning some sentences without proper attribution. No doubt, we all make mistakes, and she could just forget to put quotes. Still, it is plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious violation of the academic integrity principles and rules. Furthermore, it often leads to copyright infringement, since plagiarist uses someone’s statements without any permission. To stay ‘on the light side of the force’, you’d better take some precautions. Unicheck can help you avoid getting into such trouble with ease.

Everyone should be very meticulous and prevent even self-plagiarism either in essays or in speech writing. Being unique may be not easy, but a professional reputation and society appreciation matter much more. We, at Unicheck, have gathered information about the most known plagiarism cases in 2016. All of them involved famous personas that tarnished their reputation by copy-pasting others. Just have a look at the infographic. You will be astonished to learn that even presidents often cross the line.

Top 2016 Plagiarism Scandals