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Reflection Questions for Students: Things to Consider before Choosing Career

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Before going to college you probably feel dizzy thinking what to begin with, and what to study, and how to become successful. You are likely to know that being prosperous means doing something that makes you happy. However, to figure out what it is exactly may turn to be arduous.

We, at Unicheck, would like to save your time and money by outlining four most helpful reflection questions for students. So, before choosing majors and entering university, make sure you know the answer to each question listed below.

What Brings Joy to Me?

This is when you need to specify things you like. Describe them in detail saying which ones you feel extremely happy about. In case it is hard for you to pick up the one thing you like the most, refer to your curiosity. What grabs your interest making the time fly like crazy. What is a real pleasure for you to discover.

But be aware! Some people get easily trapped in when putting money to the first place in their  priority list. And it’s no wonder. Everybody wants to be financially secure, but things work right when you get satisfaction from what you do. Remembering something that you enjoyed doing as a child can give you a hint which direction to go.

What School Majors are Closely Related to My Passion?

Compile a list of universities that have the majors you fancy taking up. Ask your teacher to help you find university background, some details about teaching staff, curriculum and extracurricular programs.

When you enrolled to the university of your dream, make friends with an educator specializing in your major. This way, you will automatically get a mentor, who will give you a nudge in the right direction. He or she will add more zest to your learning, and you will get a real pleasure from studying. Moreover, your self-esteem significantly increases after delving into your favourite field of study.

What People Do I Want to Work With?

Think of the environment you would like to be in every day. Pay attention to your inner state while entering certain official establishments, law firm offices, hospitals, or shops. If you feel like home, that is a good indicator. Talking to professionals of your field will inspire you to delve into reading and discovering the major subject.  

What Opportunities Can I Make Advantage of?

Be open to all the opportunities that may come your way. Any volunteer project or part-time job will help you explore what your dream job should be like. Expand your network and become aware of what steps to take to polish your skills.

The site will be of a great value for you to take first steps and establish yourself as a highly promising intern. In order not to lose your way in the jungle of information and make the right career choice, jot down all relevant facts by means of Cornell note-taking system or any other types of note-taking.

Summing It Up

This set of reflection questions for students will be an accurate compass for you to choose the right direction in studies and follow it. Bringing to the surface your genuine dreams and desires will assist you in declaring your personality. Thus, you will be happy with what you do, as Orison Swett Marden said, “We make the world we live in and shape our own environment”.