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Student Led Conference Ideas: A New Fast-Growing Trend

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Student led conferences have recently replaced teacher-parent ones. There are many reasons of that phenomenon. Before attending teacher-led conferences, parents are prepared to hear teacher’s reprimands and a call to action – tell their children off. At the same time, teachers feel uncomfortable either because they mainly should talk about the pupil’s drawbacks and how to improve them, or they explain their marks basis. That kind of meeting is not efficient, and student led conferences solve that problem. Moreover, preparation takes time, and instead of checking student papers, teachers spend their time on a red tape.

Student’s Role

Teachers, parents and a student are present at the meetings. A student is a leader and they usually present a report of their academic success. Teachers help students to compile information on their progress, pick the most demonstrable test or assignment and outline the main learning goals. Students store all the information in special folders. When the time comes for summing up, the students are ready to analyze and assess the outcomes of their learning process, and convey information to their parents. The students also reflect on meeting their deadlines. When the students talk about areas they need to work on, they may also ask either their parents or a teacher for any help they need. The way students organize a conference is astonishing. They write invitations to their parents.

Teacher’s Role

A great teacher creates a list of goals for a certain period that a student should accomplish. It is more about projects that show every student creative work than quizzes. So, at the conference, a student may present 2 or 3 prominent assignments. Also, students fill in the self-evaluation form that teachers give them. So, the final grade is clear and not a surprise neither for a student, nor a teacher. Students have a great opportunity to practice their own evaluation in class at first, so they could have a clear picture of the conference they are going to conduct conference. There is also a person who ensures the quality of a student-led conference – a crew advisor. Their main responsibility is to review student’s self-evaluation forms, speak thoroughly and concisely.

Impact of the Student Led Conference Ideas on Students

There are several benefits student-led conferences may have. By reporting on a learning progress, students develop their communication skills, critical thinking and acquire persuasion skills. Every student feels accountable and gets used to thoroughly prepare and present information. By analyzing their own learning progress, students feel more motivated for studying as well.