The Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Software Is Now Hosted on Amazon Cloud

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“Is a plagiarism checker reliable?” This question is a major concern for HigherEd and K-12, and we know why. Reliability includes everything from security and accessibility of the plagiarism prevention software to its ability to scale and to handle peak load.

With Amazon cloud hosting, Unicheck maintains effective data security that complies with GDPR and other modern data protection regulations.

Serhii Tkachenko_CEO at Unicheck

Serhii Tkachenko, CEO at Unicheck

“We have received many inquiries from educational institutions to expand datacenters’ geography, preserving high levels of data protection. This is what we did by moving to the Amazon cloud, as the needs of our customers and partners always go first.”

Previously, we provided a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all customers, the highest uptime standard in the industry, but we will be reaching a 99.95% uptime with Amazon cloud.

Amazon’s cloud hosting architecture ensures that the Unicheck updates will continue to run automatically. There is no need to keep track of new system versions or bother with migration issues.

Let’s unveil some other benefits for all Unicheck’s partners and customers.

Flexible and Secure Cloud Environment

A highly safe plagiarism checker can act as a shield against user data leakage.

At Unicheck, we invest a lot of effort into enhancing the safety of personal data of each user as well as each paper he or she scans. This can be ensured with a secure cloud architecture provided by AWS.

Yulia Pidodvirna, Head of Legal Department

“Following data protection regulations is completely natural. Instead of suffering from numerous compliance requirements, we take advantage of them to provide customers with the highest level of security. AWS is the right environment to ensure the user data is safe, inviolable and processed in accordance with the law.”

Amazon cloud fulfills the requirements of high-sensitivity organizations, like banks or military. It supports roughly 85 security standards and certifications, providing automatic encryption of AWS network traffic. Amazon is also extremely committed to security and does not disclose the data centers’ actual addresses.

AWS services enhance privacy control with network and web application firewalls, enabling us to create private networks and be in control of the data encryption.

Reliable access management is another big gain that helps to make Unicheck a reliable plagiarism checker. We can securely access AWS resources with a special tool, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Speed, Auto Scaling and Batch Processing

On average, the Unicheck plagiarism prevention software checks millions of academic papers a month. With Amazon cloud hosting, Unicheck’s scalability can be boundless and fast. Furthermore, scaling the system capacity will not impact security levels.

For every administrator, educator, and student, it means that the system can handle greater amounts of user requests with no slowdowns or glitches. You will keep working at a regular pace without delays in paper submission, checking, and evaluation.

Yehor Melnykov, Chief Technology Officer

“Amazon has all the capacities in place to satisfy the needs of the faculty, students, and other staff of the academic institution. They allow for scaling the system automatically once the load increases. No server interruptions, no network issues. Speed of scanning usually remains as fast as in ‘low season,’ letting educators run bulk checks.”

For plagiarism prevention software, these characteristics remain highly important to allow hundreds of students and educators to upload and scan papers across the USA, Europe, and Australia. If the checker were to fail, it would lead to a massive hold-up, forcing everyone to repeatedly launch-check. Amazon enables us to prevent these pitiful malfunctions and save time and effort.

Reliable Plagiarism Checker with a 99.95% Uptime

Unicheck Team is committed to creating a reliable environment for you to work in.

Amazon cloud helps us attain this goal, as it gives the ability to increase uptime up to 99.95% or higher to allow the checker to remain accessible most of the time.

Thanks to the powerful capacities of Amazon, we can significantly improve the system fault tolerance. Unicheck is now able to operate regardless of a might-be error of some system components. It will not stop operating completely. Instead, the plagiarism prevention software will go on responding to your requests.

Multi Datacenters Are Now Closer to You

Given that the AWS infrastructure unfolds at a rapid speed, Unicheck Team will also be able to access datacenters in the new areas.

Currently, Amazon has “multiple Availability Zones, with 66 Availability Zones (AZs) within 21 geographic regions around the world, and announced plans for 12 more AZs and four more Regions in Bahrain, Cape Town, Jakarta, and Milan.”

It enables us to be a bit closer to you: We can host Unicheck on the datacenter located in the region where your academic institution is located. So, if a college or university resides in Australia, Unicheck will also be hosted there. If it is Europe, we will host Unicheck on the  datacenter in Europe to meet all the regulations in terms of data processing, security, and privacy.

Within each region, Amazon possesses several Availability Zones. They are separated from each other and connected via a low latency network. This also contributes much to Unicheck’s service availability, scalability and fault tolerance.

Wrapping Up

A safe and reliable hosting environment creates a seamless workflow for the entire institution and protects user information. Amazon is the right provider to boost Unicheck’s capacities and make it operate efficiently in peak season.

Thanks to Amazon, we can now devote more time to rolling out new features rather than working on the system’s reliability and availability. Stay connected to receive more news on Unicheck’s improvements!

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