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Interesting and Funny Facts About Education Across the Globe (Part 2)

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In the previous article, we have already told you about the top-12 amazing facts related to education in the countries around the world. Of course, there are still much more fascinating or even shocking facts that motivated us to come up with another piece of writing. And here’s what we managed to find out:

  1. Netherlands. In this country, children go to school as soon as they are four years old, so there is always somebody new in the class. It doesn’t seem to be the best present for the birthday, does it?
  2. In Iran boys and girls study separately until they enter a university. Furthermore, teachers in schools also must have the same gender as their students;
  3. England. This is the country where the world’s oldest school is built. It was established in 1567, but it still works. It also has an up-to-date technical equipment to teach students in the most effective way possible;
  4. South and West Asia. While almost 100% of the European and Latin American population are literate, 51% of the population of the South and West Asia regions are illiterate. There is also a huge number of children who don’t receive basic education. Thus, in these countries about 13.54 million children don’t even complete their primary education;
  5. Ethiopia. This country has succeeded in changing the tough situation in education for the better. Having introduced a special educational plan, the girls’ enrollment rate in primary school has changed from 40% in 1999 to 90% in 2008. This is a great progress achieved in less than 10 years, can you believe that?
  6. India. In Indian schools, girls learn how to defend themselves. It’s not a caprice, but a necessity, as the number of crimes against women is constantly increasing. That’s why in many schools girls are required to learn how to fight against potential attackers.
  7. France. The French usually pay great attention to lunch and dinner. Schools in France provide free lunch for their students. There are some schools that allow them to have their lunch at home. As a rule, the food is served in ceramic plates with silverware, that’s why having lunch in a French school is more similar to eating in a fancy restaurant. There is one more good thing about schools in France – lunch there lasts for an hour or two, so children have enough time to take a rest.

Which Country Might Be a Nice Place to Study in?

Many people say that the best schools to study in are in Finland. Additionally, Finland’s educational system is considered to be one of the most efficient in the world. The government of this country worked out a well-thought out curriculum. Besides that, Finnish educational system is constantly upgraded, that’s why politicians from all over the world visit this country to discover the secrets of its success.

The Finnish government is going to make the biggest school reform ever and provide “teaching by topic” approach instead of the traditional one – “teaching by subject”.

The Finnish children study in a safe, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. In our opinion, this makes Finnish schools the best and the most effective.

We all understand that education is significantly important for children’s future, their incomes and social status. Thus, even in the developing or low-income countries every additional year of study can increase the future income of a person by 10%. This must be a motivating reason to study diligently and enrich your academic experience.