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Lessons We Can Take from the Oscar Speech

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The 89th Academy Awards Oscar has recently taken place in Los Angeles, California. A great number of nominees were excited to be present in the Dolby Theatre, and only some of them honored to give a speech in front of the privileged, talented people gathered in one place for a beautiful evening. The speech that every winner gives is unique and influential due to the techniques that are persuasive. Here are the main highlights of Oscar speeches that everyone may learn from.

Prepare Your Speech

We do not want to give you a well-worn piece of advice to write and rehearse your speech. Yet, that is a number one step. You should thoroughly think over what you would really want to say and how. Working on a correct pronunciation of words and specific terms is necessary, yet in order to avoid any plagiarism accusations that happen very often even with famous politicians, check your speech for plagiarism with special tools like Unicheck.

Establish Contact with Audience

Before you are going to say something, make sure you have an excellent contact with the audience. There is no need to stress the importance of a smile, eye-contact and inviting gestures such as light touch that will make your listeners willing to listen to you. While speaking in front of the audience, do not look on the floor, looking at people’s foreheads will give an impression that you look at them.

Provide an Emotional Coloring

While giving a memorable speech, make sure your facial expression coincides with the emotions you convey. That makes your story more vivid and makes listeners stick to what you are saying. Anyway, being honest and sincere is the best policy as genuine messages touch people feelings. No matter what you say, be sure your emotions match your true feelings.

Stumble and Continue

Your speech may not always be fluent and that’s ok. Experiencing emotional uplift may result in feeling stumble, and that’s when your speech does not go fluent anymore, and suddenly you realize you don’t have anything to say. That happens and the best to cope with it is realize it, and continue with what you wanted to say or simply expressing gratitude or telling a short joke so to take heat off.

Mention the Names

Sometimes Oscar presenters mention people who helped them on the way to success, and say two or three names. That is not accidental, as you automatically acknowledge people you collaborated with, and honor them. They will feel honored as such people may not only be a part of a successful result, but the idea that they are bond with someone famous or you as an outstanding presenter, will make them happy for sure.

Make Your Look Gorgeous

The upper crust of society looks absolutely fabulous in the ceremony, so you should look gorgeous too. Although, the secret about looking gorgeous lies in the ability to feel good and comfortable than just wearing extremely expensive clothes. A splendid look is about tidiness, comfort and incredibly positive inner feeling.


Anytime you are going to give a speech in front of a large audience, take these simple tips to consideration. It is all about you being impactful, influential and making others follow your example while delivering speech. Take your turn and try!