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EdTech MENA 2015: Willing to Tell You What We Achieved

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It’s not a secret for you that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market has long become attractive for many investors, service providers and suppliers. Knowing this, our never-tiring Unicheck team made its way to the east, namely to Dubai, the UAE. Not only could we admire hot sunny autumn days there, but we were also able to spend them very effectively. On 16-17th of November, 2015 we were at the annual international conference EdTech MENA 2015 for the first time.

What Was EdTechMENA All About?

EdTechMENA focused on innovative technologies in teaching and learning. So, that was exactly what we were looking for. Among the discussed topics, these aroused our interest the most:

“Thinking out of the box: Pushing boundaries to innovate in education delivery” and “Integrating good teaching principals with technology.”

The conference has already become popular in the education innovation community and brought together many entrepreneurs, investors and startups. With a wide range of formats for interaction and about 32 sessions held, all the participants had a chance to get useful information and exchange valuable experiences at K-12 and Higher Education seminars and case studies, share feedback during one-to-one meetings with visitors or exhibitors, attend or make live product demonstrations, and take part in educational forums too.

What Did We Achieve?

Unplag at EdTech MENA

Nevertheless there were no other similarity searching tools presented, we took courage to exhibit our product. And this decision proved to be a good one.

We managed to deliver more than 100 brief presentations of Unicheck to our potential clients as well as an official one. The latter covered all the recently upgraded features which greatly differ Unicheck from other tools checking for plagiarism. Impressed by the demonstration of fast and accurate checks, the EdTech MENA visitors were curious to learn more about Unicheck. That’s why our team arranged several private meetings after the conference was over.

Thus, we got acquainted with the representatives of the Canadian University Dubai, the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Khalifa University and many others. Sounds impressive? We do think so too. To learn more about our recent successes at ICERI 2015, follow this link or click here to find out how successful the Unicheck presentation was at OEB 2015.