University Survival Kit


Student led conferences have recently replaced teacher-parent ones. There are many reasons of that phenomenon. Before attending teacher-led conferences, parents are prepared to hear teacher’s reprimands and a call to action – tell their children off. At the same time, teachers feel uncomfortable either because they mainly should talk about the pupil’s drawbacks and how to improve them, or they explain their marks basis. That kind of meeting is not efficient, and student led conferences solve that problem. Moreover, preparation takes time, and instead of checking student papers, teachers spend their time on a red tape.

Computer literacy has been taught in schools already for years. Every year school curriculum has more and more IT classes. Students around the world take typing classes and learn how to use computers and different educational software like free plagiarism checker, for example when the school starts. Of course, it’s not enough for their future work and study. That’s why,  schools have recently added some coding classes to their study programs.

These classes do not only develop students’ computer skills, but they also help students understand the world around them better.

A classic learning must be an interactive process. This is a two-way process – the information goes from educator to student and student’s feedback returns to educator. Recent research proved that learning is the most effective when it’s personalized. This type of learning helps deliver knowledge to students better than traditional learning techniques.

Both students and teachers should know how to act in the learning process. But if educators learn this for years when teaching, students may not know how to deal with it properly. That’s what educators should explain them, but unfortunately not everyone does.

 ‘Booo!’ – and your heart missed a beat. ‘Shhh!’ – the cold sweat starts out on your forehead. You walk faster along the school corridor and look around in panic: books and papers scattered about in the wildest way, and bubbling green slime are dripping from the ceiling. Ugh! They are already here, so what you are going to do?

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